Monday, 5 July 2010

Pucci Post

Just published is Taschen's new book Emilio Pucci. There's been nothing significant in print on Pucci for some time so this new luxury tome measuring 36 x 36 cm, with 416 pages and bearing the hefty price tag of £135 is sure to be greeted with joy by Italian style aficionados. The illustrations (including photos, drawings and snapshots) are sumptuous and generous, spanning the breath of the brand's sixty year history.

The cover or, more accurately, covers are cloth-bound with a selection of recent Pucci fabrics. A devise borrowed from Pucci. A Renaissance in Fashion (Shirley Kennedy & Emilio Pucci, Abbeville Press, New York, 1991) - a wonderfully rich and insightful survey co-written by Emilio Pucci himself, just before his death.

This book is certainly one for the coffee table but with Taschen's statement that it is a 'Limited edition of 10,000 copies; each unique copy is bound with one of a selection of recent print fabrics from the Pucci collection.' you have to wonder how 'unique' it is.

(Emilio Pucci, by Vanessa Friedman, Taschen, 2010)

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